PayPack configurations in Laravel

We need to add PayPack CashIn in our Laravel Payment Option using Mobile Money ( Mtn or AirTel),
We need some guidance from PayPack Team .

From the steps of sending Phone number and Amount until we get a response, I think it’s easy but we have no idea on how this Payment gateway work,


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If you want to use our Laravel SDK, you can find more information about it by following this link. If you wish to use our REST API instead you can use this link.

These two resources provide additional information on how to use our API. If you encounter any difficulties while navigating them, please do not hesitate to seek assistance.


I’m Getting This Error on Laravel SDK
Screenshot from 2022-08-11 14-12-29

Make sure you add this line on top of your file.

use Paypack\Paypack;

Okay, SO add This in the Documentation.

Thanks, let me add that

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How I can get a response if the Payment is TRUE or FALSE

There is no documentation about webhooks, it is just creating webhook only in Documentation using my Account Dashboard

Webhooks notify you for an event change therefore the payload we pass to your endpoint is an event object kinda like this:

        "event_id": "bf76c3a8-cafe-11ec-9478-dead2ba023b5",
        "event_kind": "transaction:processed",
        "created_at": "2022-05-03T16:33:22.434606Z",
        "data": {
            "ref": "ajsfh44w3j-4h4r-28438-efnef-e9f44a5b4c2d",
            "kind": "CASHIN",
            "fee": 2.3,
            "merchant": "XXXXX",
            "client": "078xxxxxxx",
            "amount": 100,
            "status": "successful",
            "created_at": "2022-05-03T16:27:01.292808134Z",
            "processed_at": "2022-05-03T16:33:22.434351492Z"